Activities and contacts between Macedonia – European Union, in order to resolve the political crisis that has boiled further after the announcement of the scandal “Tapping”, are ongoing, confirmed Stevo Pendarovski, who is part of the opposition.

– I cannot comment on details. I know that there are contacts between the political parties that are relevant in Macedonia and the international community and it is an ongoing process. Because of the sensitivity of the process, which will last in the forthcoming period as we, you will allow me the curtesy not to talk about the details of what is happening at the moment – said Pendarovski.

EU Commissioner for accession negotiations Johannes Hahn yesterday again called for dialogue in Macedonia, saying the state should return to the relevant European standards to keep the European perspective.

– Eminent MEPs also said they are willing to arbitrate between the different parties in the country. They accepted this support and now we wait to see what the next steps would be. But in order to keep the European perspective, it is necessary to solve the problems in the country and return to the relevant international and European standards – said Hahn.

Regarding the assistance offered by the EU, Pendarovski says they are not running away from talks, but that problem is the position of the Government, which has no “capacity to enter honestly with all its potential in talks with the opposition.”

– We expect that the government, in turn, will finally realize that there have to be a foreign assistance, and we as concerned and relevant political structure in the country are ready for such talks at any time – says Pendarovski.

According to the statements of the Prime Minister and his ministers, Government firmly stands behind the opinion that the wiretapping crisis should be decided within the institutions.

That Macedonia is on the agenda of the EU yesterday confirmed High Representative for Foreign Affairs of the European Union Federica Mogerini.

– Yes, Macedonia is on our agenda. Together with Commissioner Hahn, we are very focused on the Balkans. In this framework, Macedonia is on the agenda, as supporting countries that are crucial for the region is always on the agenda. Here we talk about neighboring countries in the Balkans, but it is not a neighbor, but in Europe. Under these special circumstances, it is necessary. I read the recommendations of the European Parliament, I am following the debate and I’m ready to answer that together with Commissioner Hahn – said Mogerini.