Prior to the meeting of the presidents of SDSM Zoran Zaev and VMRO-DPMNE Nikola Gruevski in Brussels, it is still unclear what, actually, has been achieved in negotiations that were held on Tuesday at the EU residence in Skopje, with mediation of EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn.

Although both parties had their own views on how the political crisis should be resolved, it seems that they it would be difficult for them to realize their goals.

According to Zaev, the document contains good starting point, which now has to be honored by all signatories.

– The document accurately mentions the obligation of a government which is to organize the following elections. The key whether an agreement would be reached on 10th of June in Brussels is to agree the profile of that government. The attitude of the opposition is known to the public, that any format and composition of the government that won’t include Gruevski and creators of the crisis in Macedonia is acceptable. If this is not achieved, SDSM will refuse starting negotiations will continue with the established outer institutional actions – he said.

According to Gruevski, maximum constructiveness without speculation, false forcing or spreading false statements is necessary.

– To pursue and achieve what is important for the country and what it is required by it, stability and security. I urge all who mean well to the country to relate positively and constructively. Our yesterday’s step is proof and confidence that we believe and we are firmly convinced that citizens will again choose this option rather than the option of destruction, of spreading hatred, they won’t choose the option that wants to harm the country for party or personal interests of someone to come to power. This option will again be defeated – stated Gruevski.

Known and resolved issues are:

  • Elections by the end of April 2016.

Partly resolved issues are:

  • Transitional Government without knowing its composition;
  • The agreed won’t be valid unless transitional government is agreed upon;
  • Changing the Electoral Code;
  • Purging the voter list.

Unknown issues:

  • Would a census be conducted;
  • Would there be a change of the public prosecutor;
  • Would there be a replacement of the management of MTV.