Zaev’s non-transparent approach towards the whole process of negotiations and his silence regarding the insults towards Macedonia by Bozhidar Dimitrov, the director of the Bulgaria’s Institute of National History, who said that the upcoming agreement between the two countries would mean an end to Macedonianism and that the Macedonian language is a Bulgarian dialect. It shows that Zaev is selling out Macedonian national and state interests, said VMRO-DPMNE today.

The party also said it is indicative that the president of MANU, Taki Fiti, even though he met with Zaev, did not ask him for a review of the agreement which is of great importance to the country.

“Taki Fiti should overcome his fear of Zaev and should at least show some credibility, after all, he runs the institution with the greatest potential in Macedonia”, reads the VMRO-DPMNE statement.