If the agreement with Greece was really that good and guaranteed Macedonian identity, Zoran Zaev would not hesitate and put it to a referendum without additional questions that could mislead citizens, says VMRO-DPMNE.

The party adds that “if the agreement was a historic success for Macedonia, Zoran Zaev would have no dilemma whether to add to the ballot question for the referendum both the EU and NATO, therefore, abusing the confidence of citizens towards our international partners.”

“The deal is damaging! With it, the name Macedonia, Macedonian history, tradition and culture is erased. That is why Zaev concocts tricks to deceive the people, to justify his anti-state policies that cover-up incompetence and corruption. Zoran Zaev and the ruling majority will do anything to implement this damaging and capitulating agreement. Now, they’re blackmailing their own people and manipulating the general public with ambiguous and obscure questions, while trying to imply that anyone who is against this damaging and capitulating agreement is against the Euro-Atlantic integration of Macedonia”, reads the statement.

VMRO-DPMNE adds that “citizens support European and Western values, but they do not accept damaging and bad policies with deals from the criminal cartel headed by Zoran Zaev.”