The opposition, VMRO-DPMNE, says that Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski and SDSM are an embarrassment to Macedonia and are destroying the country’s reputation with lies and manipulation. They say yesterday they lied that the MoI arrested seven Macedonian citizens who fought with terrorists in Syria, and actually it was only a matter of making the arrest.

“To cover up scandals, abuses and crimes Zaev’s friends are caught up in, the Interior Ministry was yesterday again misused to misinform the public with a deliberate massive police action against terrorists and radicals. The truth is that the MoI was lying! “, VMRO-DPMNE said, claiming that because of the lie, Spasovski ha been in hiding yesterday, and the Ministry of Interior would not provide additional information as to when and where the radicals had been detained.

The opposition party says it was a case of repatriation, that is, the police action at the Skopje airport by radicals and arrested by the international coalition.

“The truth was revealed today by our partners in the Pentagon who pointed out that by July, Syrian Democratic Forces had captured 600 mercenaries from more than 40 countries. According to the international media, yesterday, Macedonian police were not involved in any action, only the repatriation of its citizens i.e. the transfer of detained Macedonian citizens at Skopje airport,” says the party.