VMRO-DPMNE are expecting the next week to officially start negotiations with DUI for the composition of a new government, whether talks will be successful, everyone will know by the expiration of the legal deadline, i.e. January 29, said Antonio Milososki of VMRO-DPMNE in an interview with “Kanal 5” TV.

“We do not plan to form a Government at any price, especially not at the cost of changing the Constitution to introduce bilingualism to the country, our citizens have not given us a mandate for that. In the past, we saw how the SPO was politicized. The mandate and jurisdiction of the SPO will be respected but will not enter into any sort of political engineering. We expected conflicting positions on these issues with DUI, which might create a difficult factor in the talks to form a government”, said Milososki.

Milososki expressed surprise that in the past two weeks SDSM had no position on the platform of the Albanian parties. According to Milososki, this means that anything is acceptable for them, only to get to power.