VMRO-People’s Party seriously considered and analyzed the proposals put forward by EU Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighborhood Johannes Hahn for getting out of the deep political crisis in Macedonia with leaders of the four main political parties, reads the statement from the party.

“VMRO-People’s Party feels that these proposals are absolutely acceptable and match with our repeatedly expressed clear views on this difficult issue, and we give our full support to them. From the analysis of the proposals, it appears that Hahn does not intend to satisfy individual requests of VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM, but that these are solutions for getting out of the crisis and rescuing Macedonia. VMRO-People’s Party welcomes this initiative of Hahn, because it demonstrated sincere intentions to help Macedonia,” reads the statement.

VMRO-People’s Party calls on the leaders of the main political parties to use the personal legitimacy that derives from their position and to make decisions that are in the interest of Macedonia.

“In addition, we encourage them not to succumb to completely flat and harmful advices, arising from opportunistic motives and revenge on the part of the party and their associates. In this situation, VMRO-People’s Party once again request changes in the Electoral Code, so that Macedonia can be a single constituency with no qualifying threshold, for which there is consent of the other political parties. This is the fastest and most legit way out of the crisis and to further democratization of society, with an Assembly made up of many more political parties, which alone secured a place in the legislative house didn’t lose or shared their party program and sovereignty in the process, which guarantees quality and independent political thought,” reads the statement.