Government Secretary General, Dragi Rashkovski, announced via his Facebook profile that the opposition party VMRO-DPMNE apologized to him 11 times for 11 allegations that were made against him. The apologies came after he filed lawsuits for defamation.

On Facebook he wrote that he had received apologies for accusations of nepotism, unlawful material gain, illegal activities and everything that would lead to the degradation of his professional and personal life.

“First they attack you, then they apologize, I would like to see a time when we will commend each other for our work. Instead of getting involved in “mutual-slandering”, I responded to the accusations with defamation lawsuits that ended with agreements that I would receive apologies for everything that was released in public. Let this be a legal example on how political dialogue and the resolution of mutual accusations should look like”, wrote Rashkovski.

In the attached documents published on Facebook, VMRO-DPMNE stands as the contracting party, and each document shows the individual behind each slanderous allegation, i.e. Aleksandar Tergevski, Darko Kostovski, Pavlinche Caytanova, Bojan Stojanovski, Nikola Srbov, Nevenka Stamenkovska and Svetlana Jakimovska.