At yesterday’s session, the government adopted draft amendments to the law on asylum and temporary protection by urgent procedure, stated government spokesman Aleksandar Gjorgjiev for META.

Law was sent to the Assembly and, as the Government informed, it will be reviewed at its next session, which will take place during this or next week.

Sources of the Assembly say for META that session on which amendments to the law will be considered, which will be adopted by urgent procedure, is scheduled for Monday next week.

At the session was established coordinating body – working group, composed of the Ministers of Interior, Foreign Affairs, Minister of Health, Labor and Social Policy and Local Self-Government.

The coordinating body which will monitor the situation with immigrants will have its first meeting even today, and it is expected to inform about the details during the day.

The representatives of the ministries in the working group will meet on a daily basis as long as the immigrant crisis lasts.

With the proposed changes to the Law on Asylum, “a foreigner crossing the border or the territory of the Republic of Macedonia is enabled to express intention to apply for asylum to a police officer of MOI and be sent within 72 hours to apply for asylum to an authorized official of the Asylum Department at the Reception Center for asylum seekers.”