DUI candidate Visar Ganiu officially won in the municipality of Čair , the results were shown in the re-run vote and were announced on the website of the State Election Commission.

In the second round, and after today’s re-run at the polling station 2901, in Čair, Ganiu won 48.92 per cent of the vote while his rival, the candidate from Besa party, Zeqiri Ibrahimi won 47.71 per cent.

On 29th of October, after the second round of local elections, 16 lawsuits were submitted by the Administrative Court, but only one was accepted, the one from the Besa Movement for the polling station 2901 in the municipality of Čair .Due to the small difference between the candidates of 209 votes, the Administrative Court and the SEC ordered a re-run. After today’s vote, Ganiu increased his vote to 346 votes, winning 13,987, while Ibrahimi won 13,641 votes.

Today, the Besa Movement accused that there was pressure on voters and that some of the residents of this polling station, with the knowledge of the Ministry of Interior, had their personal documents taken away in order to prevent them from voting.