The argument between Greek MEP Maria Spiraki and former head of Macedonian diplomacy Antonio Miloshoski continues escalating. MEP from the ranks of the New Democracy party, which is part of the Joint Committee EU-Macedonia, wasn’t silent to the invitation of Miloshoski to climb Olympus and together wave the flags of the two countries as a sign of good neighborliness, and responded with a new reaction related to his mountaineering expedition in September, when he was photographed with the flag of Vergina on the top of Mitikas peak.
– I understand that you admit that your previous behavior with the flag with the sun of Vergina was unacceptable and, also, obviously inconsistent with your position. I think it is a great progress at the moment – said Spiraki in her response to Miloshoski.
In the response, Spiraki reminds Miloshoski that the official Macedonian flag is that which was accepted by the Interim Agreement, so obviously his proposal to climb and wave the flags on Olympus will include Greek and Macedonian flag of the Interim Agreement. In an additional comment, with a hint of irony, Spiraki says that she hopes that Miloshoski’s attitudes are not associated with the irredentist idea of “Great Macedonia”.
– I hope that your preference to Olympus is not affiliated with the frequent references in your media that the Greek mountain is a natural border of “Greater Macedonia”, which is the dream of some people your country – emphasized Greek MEP, who worked as a journalist for the Greek television Mega until the European elections.
Former journalist shot an additional poisoned arrow to Miloshoski, commenting that his invitation is, essentially, an indirect acknowledgment that photographing with the sun of Vergina, an event that disturbed Greek media and political public, will not be repeated, a move which, according to her, is a major step forward towards good neighboring relations.