Vevchani residents welcomed New Year in darkness, frozen and angry at the authorities, who left them without electricity at a temperature of -10 degrees Celsius for days.

They demand the problem to be urgently solved because they suffer major damage, their appliances are breaking down, they have no phones, and they buy candles and batteries every day. Vevchani residents announced group lawsuit against EVN, ELEM and MEPSO, and protests are also possible if the problem is not solved urgently.

Local restaurants and tourist facilities also suffered major damage, because the restaurants didn’t work for the New Year’s Eve, arrangements were canceled, and all reservations in motels and private accommodations were also canceled as well.

Mayor of the Municipality of Vevchani Cvetomir Ugrinoski says he is making maximum efforts to help overcome the situation because the date for the Vevchani Vasilica Carnival is approaching.

– We are fully committed to completing the program of upcoming Vevchani Vasilica Carnival, when we expect about 50,000 visitors a day. This situation happened to us in the most unfavorable time, and I hope that we will overcome it soon – says Ugrinoski.

Besides Vevchani, many villages in the Struga region, in Dolni Drimkol and Malesija, as well as Podgorci, Oktisi, Borovec and Jablanica, were also left without electricity.

Almost all mountain villages in the Municipality of Debrca, which are cut off and snowbound, were also left without electricity.