The former Director for Security and Counter-Intelligence (UBK) Zoran Verushevski, who is the first accused in the “Putsch” case, spent another night detained in county jail ‘Skopje’ confirms the Basic Court Skopje 1, and the defendants defence lawyers for ‘Meta’.

When we asked where was Verushevski at this moment, the court said that he is detained in the county jail in Suto Orizari and that at some point today “there may be some movement, displacement and clarification” on the issue of the termination of detention, which appeared yesterday and potentially caused contradictory reactions.

Verushevski who is still in custody, which was confirmed by the defence of the accused in the “Putsch” case. They say that as of yet, they have not received any notification from any courts on the decision on the jail detention for Verushevski.

Yesterday, some of the media, citing from their own sources, reported that the Criminal Council from the basic Court Skopje 1, had come to a decision last Friday to terminate Verushevski’s detention, but due to an error on his passport his detainment was terminated yesterday instead.

The Basic Court Skopje 1 told “Meta” that they can neither confirm nor deny this information, and if such a decision had been made, it still had not been shared with the parties involved in the case to be enforced.

Late last night, a few hours after the media reported the stories on Verushevski, the court denied that the panel had made such a decision.

“The decision on the case has not yet been made, respectively, as already announced yesterday, the panel had submitted a further request to the prosecutor’s office to prosecute crimes related to the illegal interception of communications, this documentation needs to be complete before the final decision “, it was stated in the denial of the Basic Court Skopje 1.

The Special Prosecutor’s Office, who claimed jurisdiction for the case “Putsch” last week said they agreed that Zoran Verushevski and Georgi Lazarevski also charged in the case, should be release from detention.