By congratulating the upcoming Easter Holidays to the citizens of Macedonia, Parliament Speaker, Trajko Veljanoski scheduled the next constitutive session for Tuesday (18th of April) starting at 11:00am.

Even at the 12th continuation of the constitutive session, MPs stood by their party positions and discussed the Tirana platform, the Law for the use of languages, the Ohrid Framework Agreement and the right and the obligations that have come out of it.

DOM’s MP, Maja Morachanin stressed that during these 12 days at Parliament, the citizens saw what a kidnapped institution means.

“It is obvious that under the veil of the people’s interest and the alleged debate they are hindering the election of the members and the president of the Commission for Elections and Appointments including a Parliament Speaker. I apologize that with these three minutes I will prolong the agony of Parliament”, said Morachanin.