After today’s decision to withdraw the indictment in the “Putsch” case, the SPO confirmed that they are a partisan branch of SDSM/Soros, said today at a press conference former Parliament Speaker and MP Trajko Veljanoski from VMRO-DPMNE.

He pointed out that Janeva “is not a prosecutor who is independent, but takes orders from SDSM leader Zoran Zaev, and stakeholders from abroad.”

“From today, Janeva and the Special Public Prosecution are dressing in new clothes, and have become defenders of crime. With today’s decision, Janeva stood behind Zaev, and Verushevski, who tried to evade the will of the citizens and attempted to seize power without elections by publishing the made-up and fabricated material”, Veljanovski said.

With today’s decision, Veljanovski added, “the SPO fully legitimized and abandoned the basic function for which it was established.”

“It confirmed that their task is not to shed light on to the wiretapping scandal, but to get involved in a political battle. We have no doubt that the SPO are party affiliated with SDSM ”, Veljanovski said.