“Vault”: SPO Announces Appeal And Are Awaiting Judge’s Recusal and “Finzi” Accounts To Be Frozen


The SPO told “Meta” that they will surely appeal the decision on the measure of detention for one of the suspects in the “Vault” case. The appeal by the SPO should be reviewed and considered by a three-member council of the Criminal Court, which within 48 hours should decide whether to confirm the decision made by the judge of the preliminary procedure or accept the request from the SPO and rule for a detention measure, or determine another measure.

 The requests made by the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office (SPO) for determining measures against the four suspects in the “Vault” case have been distributed among the three judges of the preliminary procedure, who will then decide on the requests made by the SPO, explained the Criminal Court to “Meta”.

 The Criminal Court said that one of the requests for the measure of detention had been given to a judge for one of the suspects in the case (a former head in the Security and Counterintelligence Agency, which was already decided, last Friday, and refused the requests made by the SPO).

 Another judge of the preliminary procedure has received the request for precautionary measures for three suspects in the “Vault” case, however the SPO have requested the judges recusal.

 The third judge, according to the Criminal Court, needs to decide on the SPO’s request to freeze the assets and accounts of the company “Finzi”, who allegedly supplied equipment for the UBK through their company. The SPO suspects that the defendants through this scheme embezzled €860,000.

 In the meantime, the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office are awaiting the decision from the President of the Basic Court Skopje 1, Vladimir Panchevski, for their the request to exclude the judge who was meant to decide on the precautionary measures, such as confiscating the passports of three suspects in the “Vault” case, who happen to be former senior members of the UBK (Security and Counterintelligence Agency) and the MOI.

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