“Vault”: Krpač Was Revealing Secrets To The SPO Regarding “Fraternal” Companies


The key witness Kosta Krpač  in the Special Public Prosecutor’s case “Vault” on April 27, 2016, around 13:20 pm, was found dead in an apartment on Naroden Front Street in the neighborhood of Kapishtec. The first clues, according to the Interior Ministry, was that his death was a suicide. However, five months since his death, the Public Prosecution, who are handling the case, has still not completed their investigation.

 Today, the SPO announced an investigation of the misuse of funds from the state budget through the company “Finzi” LTD Skopje, which at point was owned by Kosta Krpač. He later appeared as a witness to the Special Prosecution. The SPO suspected four people of misusing state funds through this company under the guise of the procurement of equipment for the UBK.

 Kosta Krpač was also registered as the owner the company “Finzi” LTD Skopje, through whom all payments for the purchase of equipment went through, for the Security and Counterintelligence Agency.

 According to the media, this company in 2009 appears as the first owner of “Sistina cardiology,” which later was renamed “Si-fi kar” LTD Skopje.

 In 2011 “Si-fi kar” LTD shared the same address – Ivo Lola Ribar, no. 59, as the late Kosta Krpač whose place of residence was at the same address.

 After many changes of the ownership structure of “Si-fi kar”, “Finzi” in 2013 officially gave up ownership, and now the company is owned by  Orce Kamcev’s sister, Kristina Kamceva-Stojceski.

 The history of this company shows that from the period 2013 – 2015, the owner of “Si-fi kar” was the Swiss firm – “AC Investment CA”, registered at the address Korso Elvecija 16, Lugano. At the same address, the current owner of “Eksiko” – ” T & MJ Investment is located.

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