As part of its program for fighting disinformation and false news, which cross the borders quickly in the Balkans and very soon can be seen in the media of another state and sometimes in another language, has been reporting regularly about current affairs at similar services for checking facts and the fight against disinformation in the region i.e. starting from Croatia in the North and encompassing Greece in the South.

The most interesting topic in the media in the region and in the whole world, is the new corona virus and the spreading of the epidemics. At the same time the media is racing who will attract more readers and most often they use manipulative and deceiving titles i.e. click baits.

Such case was revealed by the Bosnian service for fighting disinformation ““ in three articles published by three portals in Bosnia and other regions.

The articles has titles such as “First case in the region: A Serbian citizen is suspected of having the corona virus” which according to, states that the case has been noticed in the region and in the text it is clearly stated that a Serbian citizen has been put into quarantine “in the city of Goa in India” i.e. the suspected patient hasn’t even arrived in the region.