Vanhoutte gave the parties a new draft law on the authorities of the Ministers


The facilitator in the negotiations of the political parties signatory to the Przhino Agreement, Peter Vanhoutte, submitted a new draft law on the powers of Ministers and Deputy ministers for the new joint Interim Government. The proposal was transferred from previous talks between the parties, and primarily concerns the credentials the new Interior Minister would need to have.

It was discovered that after the proposal yesterday parties had internal partyconsultations and bilateral meetings.

It still does not known whether there will be a meeting between the working groups. Negotiations with the working groups have been stalled for a week after failing to find a solution for the integration of new Ministers and Deputy Ministers. The SDSM requires their Ministers to have the authority like the others, while VMRO-DPMNE thought they should only have a technical role.

As for the matter of the remaining prosecutors in the Public Prosecutor’s Office for crimes related and which had arisen from the content of the illegal interception of communications, is also status quo.

The President of the Council of Prosecutors yesterday said that there is nothing more to say on the matter, because the capacity of work of the Special Prosecutor is still the same.

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