Vajgl, Kukan, Fleckenstein: We can see no justification for the delaying tactics

We can see no justification for the delaying tactics being used in Parliament that hinder the appointment of a new Parliament Speaker and the formation of a government without further delay – said the joint statement by three MEPs, Ivo Vajgl, Eduard Kukan and Knut Fleckenstein after the meeting with the chief of Macedonian diplomacy, Nikola Poposki in Strasburg.

This afternoon, the European Parliament at a plenary session will be discuss the situation in Macedonia.

“As Members of the European Parliament that have supported all efforts to overcome the current crisis and that have worked hard to support the European perspective for the Macedonian people, it is with deep concern that we see the crisis being unduly prolonged with growing consequences for the country, including the worsening of inter-ethnic relations.We have already seen the vote on the 2016 Country Report being postponed twice as a direct consequence of the uncertainty in the country and tonight in the plenary of the European Parliament we will debate this situation. Despite this we still strongly believe that the situation in the country can improve by pursuing a democratic course and, as a result, the political crises can be overcome”, said the joint statement.