Special Rapporteur for Macedonia in European Parliament, Ivo Vajgl on January 10 drew up a draft report for the European Commission on Macedonia’s progress in 2016. The report will be discussed later this month at the Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET) of the European Parliament in Brussels.

In the report, Vajgl recommends the start of accession negotiations and says that bilateral disputes should not be an obstacle. He adds that the highest political structures and institutions of the EU should develop “new initiatives” with UN mediator Matthew Nimetz, to end the long-running dispute between Macedonia and Greece.

Vajgl assessed that “serious commitment by all political forces for the country to return on its path towards EU integration” and that “the new government should adopt and implement robust reforms.”

In terms of the Special Prosecutor’s Office, the Special Rapporteur proposes the European Parliament expresses its concern about the attacks and obstruction against the SPO’s work and the lack of cooperation from other institutions.

The Slovenian MEP proposes the European Parliament show concern “about the radical and unjustified public attacks on civil society organizations and foreign representatives by politicians and the media”, and notes there is “limited government commitment and insufficient cooperation with civil society organizations at all levels” .

The draft resolution will be presented in January to European Parliament and MPs will be able to submit amendments to the report by February 7th. The main debate and vote on the Resolution of the European Parliament for Macedonia is scheduled to be held at a plenary session on 14 and 15 March in Strasbourg.