A day of political decisions, visits, meetings and laws – are 24 hours enough?


Almost all the events that brought tension on to the political scene last week will stream into the of tomorrow’s agenda.

  • The visit of the High Commissioner for the EU Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations , Johannes Hahn. Although there hasn’t been an official statement of Mr Hahns scheduled meetings whilst he is in Macedonia, however he will certainly meet with the heads of the four main political parties.
  • The Oath of Office Ceremony from the Council of Public Prosecutors, which is where the selected seven Assistant Prosecutors from Special Prosecutors Katica Janeva team will need to take the Oath of Office. Although this is a formal legal procedure it is possible that this event mat take a completely different turn.
  • The Outcome of the letter signed by the four main Political Parties to unblock the dispute over the Special Prosecutor, when the negotiations on the Electoral Law were “inactive” for a few days. In the letter to the Minister of Justice Adnan Jashari, who was granted the intermediary role to suggest to the Council of Public Prosecutors to accept Katica Janeva’s team of 14 Assistant Prosecutors. In addition, Ms Janeva appealed to her elected colleagues from her team to postpone taking the Oath of Office until the other seven prosecutors were selected.
  • Parliamentary Session has been announced early this morning that the Electoral Law, after 15 hours of negotiations was agreed upon by working groups of the parties signatory to the Przhino Agreement.


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