Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov held an official meeting with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Washington yesterday, who strongly supported Macedonia in becoming the 30th member of NATO.

– This is a very important moment for Macedonian diplomacy. With State Secretary Mike Pompeo today we had a meeting that was strongly encouraging – said Dimitrov after the meeting.

He added that the timing of the meeting is of great importance.

– As you know, we are focused on issues at home. We need a victory in the referendum that will confirm the agreement we have reached with our friends from Greece. Macedonia intends to become a member of the military alliance, and our US partners give full support to that – said Dimitrov.

He pointed out that with such encouragement from the United States tomorrow when he returns to Macedonia he is to personally convey this message to the Macedonian people.

The foreign minister announced an active campaign ahead of a referendum in which he will clarify through the media and online the historical importance of the Agreement with Greece and Macedonia’s entry into NATO.

Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs, Wess Mitchell, welcomed his Macedonian counterpart on the successful agreement between Macedonia and Greece reached in Prespa.

– As one of the architects of the Agreement, Minister Dimitrov played a critical role in the whole process. The United States strongly supports the efforts of the Macedonian Government. We appreciate the role Dimitrov plays in the process, and the United States hopes for a successful referendum – said Mitchell.