USA: Partial revocations of the pardons threatens aspirations towards NATO and the EU


The US Embassy in Macedonia called for a complete withdrawal of the pardons in order to return the country on its Euro-Atlantic path.

“As we said last week, partial or selective revocations of the pardons will add to a growing sense of impunity in this country and prevent Macedonia from making progress on its most important goals, including progress towards NATO and the EU. Macedonia needs to address this issue comprehensively”, was the reaction from the US Embassy after today’s decision by President Ivanov to annul 22 pardons, as they were ‘politically exposed’.

In Ivanov’s address to the nation, the President said the other people can individually submit requests for their pardons to be withdrawn. He also stressed that his decision was intended to help the country out of the political crisis, and was misunderstood not only in Macedonia but by the International Community as well.

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