The US Embassy in Macedonia called for greater transparency and monitoring of the procedures to a shed light on what happened during the events in Parliament on April 27th .

“We are following the news of the arrests. We urge police and prosecutors to pursue these cases with absolute transparency and the highest respect for due process. While the perpetrators of the April 27 attacks must be held accountable for their actions, all individuals have the right of presumption of innocence” stated the US Embassy for Meta news agency when they were asked to comment on yesterday’s detainment of 36 people including MPs, regarding the violent attacks that took place in Parliament.

Regarding information that the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Hoyt Bryan Yee will be the new US Ambassador of this country, the Embassy responded that they still don’t know who will be the next ambassador.

“President Trump has not nominated anyone to be the next US Ambassador to Macedonia. When he does, it will be announced publicly,” reads the statement from the US Embassy.