US Embassy: Requests By SPO For Support And Independent Investigations Are Reasonable


The US Embassy to Macedonia is encouraging all political parties to abide by their commitments under the Pržino Agreement and the Agreement from July 20, and according to the Embassy, that includes the support of the work by the Special Public Prosecution.

This was the reaction from the US Embassy after MPs from ruling majority today in Parliament would not support the proposals for amendments to the Law on the SPO and the Law on Witness Protection, which Special Prosecutor, Katica Janeva had requested. The requests were delivered by the parliamentary group, the SDSM.

The embassy said that the requests made by the SPO for full support and independent investigations are reasonable.

“We encourage all parties to abide by their commitments under the Pržino and July 20 agreements to ensure credible elections and unimpeded work by the Special Prosecutor’s Office and independent media monitors.  Establishing accountability for the unauthorized wiretaps and allegations of government abuse is essential to bring Macedonia out of its prolonged crisis.  We believe these were reasonable requests by the SPO to support a thorough, independent investigation into the facts”, read the reaction from the embassy.

Similar reactions came from the EU Delegation in Skopje and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The EU Delegation said that the role of the SPO was agreed upon by all parties in the Pržino Agreement, and they all repeatedly made commitments to support the work of the SPO.

“The EU encourages everyone concerned to act in accordance with their responsibilities and the importance of accountability”, stated the EU delegation in Skopje.

The Dutch Embassy said that the SPO plays a key role in escaping the political crisis, and they need continued support of all stakeholders to complete their mission unhindered.

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