The fact that only one of the large political parties submitted candidate lists for the elections scheduled for June 5, indicates and reinforces concerns that the current conditions are not suitable for conducting credible elections, said the US Embassy, when “Meta” asked about the the ruling party’s move to submit candidate lists of deputies to the State Election Commission (SEC).

“Unfinished business remains regarding reforms in the media, the intimidation of voters and the voters’ list. The President’s decision to grant pardons on April 12 only contributed to the increasing sense of immunity, particularly regarding possible electoral malpractices. If elections are held on June 5, they will not contribute to resolving the political crisis in Macedonia and build confidence in the institutions, and would only jeopardize the Euro-Atlantic integration of the country” according to the US Embassy.

The United States of America urge the parties to re-convene Parliament so the elections can be cancelled, to annul the pardons, and re-commit to implementing an aggressive reform agenda grounded in the Przhino Agreement, urgent reform priorities of the EU, recommendations from the Priebe Report and from OSCE / ODIHR.

“In partnership with the EU, we are committed to help resolve the situation, but the solution requires a clear demonstration of political will” say the US Embassy in Macedonia.