The US Embassy in Macedonia today again expressed its support for the work of the Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva and her team and asked the authorities to fully implement the highest standards of the rule of law.
“The United States fully supports the Special Prosecutor’s Office and its role in investigating and prosecuting criminal conduct surrounding and arising from the contents of illegal interception of communications. Her appointment was an essential element of the Przino agreement and was approved by all four political parties.
We reiterate our call for all sides to allow the Special Prosecutor’s Office to perform its duties independently and free from any form of political pressure. All defendants are entitled to full protections under the law, and we urge all citizens to allow the facts to emerge through the judicial process.” Said a statement by the US Embassy.
The embassy also urged Macedonian authorities “to meet the highest standards of rule of law, transparency, fairness, protection of free speech, and judicial independence as these cases moves forward”.

The reaction of the US Embassy comes shortly after the Special Prosecutor’s Office today announced their first action, called “Titanic” and requested the arrest of eight people suspects for electoral fraud. Among the suspects are former Ministers Gordana Jankuloska and Mile Janakieski, even though their names have not been explicitly listed.