Today the Emergency Centre was with tight police security


Twenty-four hours after an armed incident at the Clinical Centre in Skopje, where abdominal surgeon Lubomir Ognenovikj was wounded, the Emergency Centre has noticeably increased security.

The two entrances to the surgical clinic has security guards from the hospital, who control the entry and exit of patients and their relatives. It also has enhanced security in the corridor, in the area where ​​visitors come and go, who enforce strict control. The presence of special police forces in riot gear.

Patients have said that entering where they perform abdominal surgery was not allowed entry of patients, and there were more police protection.

The other clinics there is an obvious greater presence of security and police forces.

This morning, however, at Skopje’s Criminal Court the two brothers suspected of yesterday’s incident against the surgeon were questioned again. Police filed charges for attempted murder, violent behaviour in public, attacking an official and possession of an illegal firearms.

At seven o’clock yesterday, the son of the deceased patient had come armed with a gun. He entered the office of the surgeon, Doctor Ognenovikj who invited him into his office to explain what had happened. After that, the suspect opened fire on the doctor, hitting the doctor three times in the leg, and the nurse managed to save herself. In the medical room five or six shots were fired that ended up in the walls and furniture.

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