The leaders of the four political parties signatory to the Przhino Agreement, have gathered at the MPs Clubhouse where they have scheduled an urgent leadership meeting for 15:00.

Nikola Gruevski, Zoran Zaev, Ali Ahmeti and Menduh Thaci at the meeting will be presented with the assessment by the European Union and the United States concerning the conditions for fair and credible elections.

The ambassadors of the EU and the USA were meant to announce their findings, however the leaders’ meeting was preceded by rescheduling the term in which the ambassadors of the EU and the US were meant to announce their assessment of the conditions for the elections., and whether there are conditions for holding the elections on 24 April.

Instead at 14.30 pm as originally announced, due to the leaders’ meeting concerning the ambassadors statement is now scheduled for 16:30.

It is unclear at whose request, the urgent leaders’ meeting was called, and whether it will be attended by the ambassadors of the EU and the United States.