Despite protests, anger and disapproval of most of the students and professors, the negative opinion of domestic and foreign experts, on 29th of December, MPs will vote on the package of measures in education. In today’s issue of the daily newspaper “Nova Makedonija”, commercial advertisement of 110 professors who signed an address in which they inform the Government was published, stating that if the Government doesn’t deviate from the initiated procedure again to amend the Law on Higher Education, then it will face fierce resistance of all academicians.

The Rector’s Office informed that units and associated members of UKIM, other universities in the country, students and representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) will participate at the conference scheduled for 16th of January next year at the Faculty of Economy, reported “Nova Makedonija”. Rector’s Office of UKIM yesterday, at the meeting, among other issues, paid special attention to the proposals of the Ministry of Education related to reforms in higher education. There is an ongoing debate among the units of the University on the other proposed legislation related to higher education, for which, the opinions, suggestions and comments of the units and the associated members of UKIM will be submitted to the Ministry of Education and Science.

As it is noted, Rector’s Office expects opinions, suggestions and comments to be considered by the competent authorities.

Students are appalled by the ignorance of the Government and say they understand why they want to pass the controversial laws quickly. Student plenum announced new protests for Friday