By the end of this week, the Public Revenue Office will announce guidelines that will instruct how should the calculations for paying compensation for fees exceeding 9,590 denars be done.

As META reported, we sent questions to the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of whether there was a notice requesting fees higher than 9,590 denars not to be paid until announcement of how the calculations would be made is published on the website of PIOM.

They just briefly replied: “You have the wrong information.”

We called and requested an explanation of what information is wrong and we got an answer that there were no notice by PIOM, but when we asked whether the real situation is such and are the fees really late, spokesman Marijan Giovski told us that he was “busy” and that he would “call us later.” We still have no answer.

On the other hand, PIOM told us that we should address PRO, where we were told that the guidelines will be published by the end of this week.