Invoices of lunches and dinners, which amount to 500 euros, some of which are dated during times of worsened security situation, were presented by MoI today. The invoices are part of the expenditures for a representation by former high ranking MoI officials and their deputies and assistants, including the directors of the Administration for Security and Counter Intelligence (UBK) and Bureau for Public Safety (BJB).

The invoices were just one tiny part of what has been declassified at MoI and soon new evidence will be presented.

These officials have had expensive food specialties, seafood, drank expensive wines and beverages. Some of these bills were made a day after the massacre at the Smilkovsko Lake when at a well-known restaurant a bill of 29.860 denars was made.

As was presented by MoI with this bill and other ones, it is a representation to which only the directors of UBK and BJB were authorized to do.