Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov killed


The leader of the opposition Russian movement “Movement of Solidarity”, Boris Nemtsov, was killed yesterday in the center of Moscow. Cause of death was a great internal bleeding, which was caused by four bullets fired at him from a moving car. He was hit in the head, heart, liver and stomach. At the time of the murder, Nemtsov was strolling on the Moscow Bolshoi Stone Bridge, and the statement of the Russian Ministry of Interior reads that the victim was in the company of a woman.

Nemtsov was known as a critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Last night’s murder occurred before the announced march of the Russian opposition against Ukrainian War, scheduled for tomorrow in Moscow.
In his last message sent through the social network “Twitter”, he urged divided Russian opposition to the anti-war protest.

– If you agree with the need to stop the Russian war in Ukraine, and if you agree to stop aggression that Putin implemented, then come to the protest march – wrote Nemtsov.

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his condolences for Nemtsov’s death and strongly condemned his murder, noting that it is possible that it is a matter of an ordered murder.
Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that last night’s murder of Nemtsov is a full scale provocation, regarding the plans of the opposition to hold a protest in Moscow tomorrow.

US President Barack Obama condemned, according to him, the brutal murder of Russian opposition politician and called on the Russian Government to conduct a quick, neutral and transparent investigation and to bring those responsible for the crime to justice.

“We express our deepest condolences to the family of Boris Nemtsov and the Russian people, who lost one of the best, most esteemed and eloquent defenders of their rights,” reads Obama’s statement.

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