Greek financial police this morning arrested business giant Leonidas Bobolas, owner of large construction company “Actor” and the newspaper “Ethnos”. Bobolas was arrested for tax evasion and debt to the state at the order of the Greek State Prosecution.

“Actor” in Macedonia builds highway Demir Kapija – Smokvica.

A month ago, MTEA was on the construction site of “Actor”. Workers told us that they never heard of the corruption scandal that rocked the company, and construction was done in full swing. On the entrance, there was a great board that read “Actor” and information about the finances of the project, and in the yard – a few dozen vehicles with Greek and Macedonian license plates.

According to information, Bobolas is accused of numerous tax violations, tax evasion, money laundering and a number of criminal acts that are considered financial crime. Some media in Greece report that the arrest is related to his activities observed on the Lagarde list, i.e. the list of more than 2,000 Greeks who hold accounts abroad, which has long been overshadowed though it have pointed international authorities. Newspapers reported that after a detailed examination of Bobolas’ accounts and debts, it was revealed that the businessman owes about two million euros to Greece.

Bobolas was informed over the telephone about the warrant for his arrest, and he appeared in the general offices of the Greek police, from where he will be brought before the prosecutor to make a statement for the acts he is charged.

Bobolas is considered as one of the most powerful people in Greece, who, apart from the construction company responsible for a huge number of major infrastructure projects in Greece, also owns a whole array of media, including newspapers “Ethnos” and “Imerisia”.