Despite Makedonia Pat has been determining the frequency of vehicles on Macedonian roads, starting from this year, the Public Enterprise for State Roads will be counting the number of vehicles traversing.

The manual traffic volume count in the next 12 months will be done by mobile counters, for which an agreement was concluded with the Institute for Testing of Materials and Development of New Technologies Skopje. The Public Enterprise has provided 1.770.000 denars for counting the number of vehicles on the roads, including 7 million denars for maintaining the concrete houses used for counting the traffic, state the agreements that were published by the Electronic system for public procurements.

The determination of the average annual traffic volume on the roads is one of the Makedonija pat’s main obligations. Still, this enterprise is facing difficulties when performing this task. “Due to the age of the sensors and the damaged installation of certain automatic counters while performing construction works and reconstructions, at certain roads the categorization of the vehicles was conducted on basis of percentage of past years” states the last report for 2017.