Speaking at the Concordia Annual Summit in New York, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras discussed, among other things, initiatives for the Balkans, mentioning the name issue. The Greek prime minister said that after three decades the name dispute has come to an end, and his vision is that, as a leading force, Greece will lead the whole region to stability, co-operation and prosperity.

“We have taken important initiatives to make the Balkans a stable, safe and prosperous part of Europe. We have seen that there is a window of opportunity to overcome an issue that has been a thorn for Greece and Europe for almost three decades. The issue with the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia has come to an end. By respecting our history, with respect to our nations,” said Tsipras.

The Greek prime minister also touched on the economic crisis that Greece faces, saying that the country has already turned a new leaf and stands on its feet.

Regarding problems with refugees, Tsipras said it was a European problem that requires a common European coping strategy.