In the speech delivered during the third protest of VMRO-DPMNE (12 December 2018) in front of the building of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia for the party members and fans, the party’s president Hristijan Mickoski made the following manipulative and untruthful statement, “Vistinomer” analyses.

They’d say they have been reforming the judiciary. 112th country according to Transparency International. 112th country on that list. Tanzania and Ethiopia are ahead of us. They’d say they are taking us to Europe. Not Europe, they brought Africa to Macedonia. Africa is brought to Macedonia. That’s what they have done to the European Macedonia. The current level of corruption in the Republic of Macedonia equals an African Macedonia.

It is a fact that the latest ranking lists by Transparency International (TI) does not apply to the period of SDSM’s rule. This corruption perceptions research covers the period before SDSM assumed office, i.e. covers the period when VMRO-DPMNE was in power.

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