The Democratic Union today handed their initiative to start proceedings to assess the constitutionality of the decision to dissolve Parliament to the Constitutional Court.

“Not only is it about an inconsiderate move, but until now it is unheard of in the history of parliamentary work, and with it, it directly violates the Constitution of Article 63, paragraph 3, which explicitly states that ‘Elections for Members of Parliament are held in the last 90 days of the term of the current parliamentary composition, or within 60 days of the dissolution of Parliament.’ Different to the constitutional regulations, the legislature has resorted to a decision based on “the necessity of the full implementation of the laws adopted by the Parliament, and in order to finally end the political crisis and meeting the steps undertaken by the political parties, in order to establish stable relationships in the political processes, the economic progress of the Republic of Macedonia and to fulfil the Euro-Atlantic perspective”, said the leader of the Democratic Union, Pavle Trajanov.

He said that without greater efforts, one may come to the conclusion that if the proposed decision (to dissolve parliament) which was passed on January 18, 2016, it would mean that early parliamentary elections should be held on March 19, 2016.