Top 5 cases of disinformation on the Special Prosecutor’s Office in 2018


As of its establishing until today, there are numerous false news, manipulations and disinformation related to the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office, especially about the three public prosecutors, who led the press conferences where investigations and indictments were announced and reviewed and elaborated by the SPO, who were always the targets of attempts for personal discredit via articles whose purpose was to ruin their reputation.

Even though this is an institution which, according to the surveys, has won the trust of the citizens, the Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPO) was the target of continuous attacks by the media. Hereinafter there is a selection of top 5 disinformation on SPO, most of them attacking the public prosecutors who are most exposed in the operation of the SPO.


  1. CRISIS IN SPO: Katica Janeva and Fatime Fetai in disagreement –  two opposed groups created within SPO, one led by Katica and the other by Fatime

“Alfa” TV, referring to its own sources from SPO, announced that Fatime Fetai, encouraged by her popularity, started to behave as the chief public prosecutor and she even contradicted Katica Janeva who reckons that, apart from causing drama in the public, Fetai had poor results compared to the other prosecutors in their respective cases. The medium has no particular information on this article, no proof or statement from anyone who can confirm the claims.


  1. The police prevented an assassination attempt on Fatime Fetai from SPO?!

Some of the media linked the armed incident that happened between the police and several persons from Kumanovo in Bogovinje village, Tetovo region, with Fatime Fetai, public prosecutor from SPO. It was claimed that it was a scenario for assassination of Fatime Fetai in her house in Bogovinje. SPO immediately denied this claim and negated any attempt for attack on Fetai.

SPO categorically denies the articles of some of the media claiming that the incident that occurred in Bogovinje village on February 7 this year was linked to Fatime Fetai, public prosecutor, speculating that the intention of this incident was to eliminate Fetai. We inform you that on that specific day the public prosecutor was not in Bogovinje and that this event is not linked with Fetai, SPO stated.


  1. Passport returned to Mijalkov with “assistance” from SPO

The media, referring to their own sources, announced that SPO has returned the passport to the accused Sasho Mijalkov.

Such disinformation was immediately denied.

SPO has never made any affirmative decision upon requests for returning of passports filed by persons from whom such passports were confiscated, and against whom SPO has criminal reports. There is one exception related to Dragan Pavlovik – Latas, to whom SPO returned the passport for the purpose of medical treatment of a member of his immediate family abroad, SPO reacted.


  1. “Special” public prosecutor Janeva’s sister from hairdresser to director

The media published claims that Liljana Delidzakova, sister of Katica Janeva and candidate for deputy director of the Securities Commission has received funds from the Employment Agency from the self-employment program for a hairdressing salon.

Delidzakova denied that she has received any funds from the employment Agency.

I deny all articles mentioning that I have received any funds for self-employment. I have only submitted an application for the competition for election of Securities Commission member, but I have never applied for opening a hairdresser salon. I do not know who this is, but I am not the person the media point out to, says Delidzakova.


  1. Fetai is in need of attention and publicity

Text with comments, filled with personal insults and discredit of one of SPO public prosecutors. This is utterly unprofessional and violates all rules of Journalist Code of Practice, it brings a series of conclusions with the intention to insult the public prosecutor and ruin her reputation.

“All she wants is the media to talk and write about her, no matter if that is good or bad”.
“The public prosecutor has many bad habits”.
“She is a typical eccentric with strange and unusual behaviour, which exceeds the parameters of normal behaviour”.

Typical example for unfounded conclusions. A writing which cannot be considered professional at all.

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