Tomorrow “E-Society” conference: Fact checking and new technologies in journalism


Tomorrow, the 12th International Conference “E-Society.mk” will be held on “Fact checking and the impact of new technologies in journalism”, organized by the Foundation for Internet and Society “Metamorphosis”.

The conference will be held at the “Holiday Inn” hotel in Skopje and is organized under the USAID’s Strengthening Media in Macedonia component “Media Fact Checking Service“, implemented by “Metamorphosis”.

Guest speakers at the conference will include James Stein, Director of the USAID Mission in Macedonia, Valentina Pellizzer, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of APC (Association for Progressive Communications), Aida Ajanović , editor of “Vistinomer” in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Vesna Radojević , editor of “Vistinomer” in Serbia.

In addition, via video link Peter Pomerantsev will participate, a British expert on media and via video message Alexios Mantzarlis , Director of International Fact-Checking Network.

The first part of the conference will be held in a three panel discussions on the following topics: “Fact checking against false news”, “Media literacy and citizens’ requests for a higher quality of media” and the “Promotion of ethical journalism”.

The second part of the conference will be held in three workshops, which will talk about the current situation of the media in Macedonia, Internet tools and tactics for journalists and active citizens, and “Journalism in the role of guardian.”

The conference can be followed online at http://vozivo.mk.

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