Tomorrow before arliament, at 18:00 there will be a protest where citizens will ask MPs to vote “for” the dismissal of Health Minister Nikola Todorov.

“There must be accountability for a system that kills instead of cures! We want to tell the Minister “Death” and the time has come to take responsibility and to step down from this responsible position. At the same time, we want to encourage the Government and MPs to vote to ensure that there won’t be any more victims in health and to show that they are really are committed to a modern and efficient health care. Therefore we invite all of you, the citizens of Republic of Macedonia to the Civil protest for the impeachment Nikola Todorov, “said the Facebook announcement of the protest.

The impeachment of Minister Todorov was requested by the SDSM parliamentary group after the death of two mothers-to-be at the end of October. They demanded accountability from Todorov of the systemic issues and the overall chaos in health system which has resulted in tragic consequences for citizens.

The Ministry of Health through a written response thanked the SDSM,and added the given opportunity to confront the arguments of the hospitals in the past and today will be in Parliament.