Cardinal Vinko Puljic will lead the Pontifical Mass in Skopje, which will be held tomorrow at Macedonia Square, which is the crown event of the “Days of Mother Teresa”, reports “Deutsche Welle“.

The Bishop of Skopje and Apostolic Exarch of Macedonia Kiro Stojanov, a few weeks ago stated that Pope Francis on August 24 named Archbishop Cardinal Vinko Puljic from Sarajevo, as his special envoy who will lead the Pontifical Mass in Skopje.

Tomorrow at Macedonia Square a large number of guests, believers and citizens are expected. Many high representatives of the Catholic Church and other religious communities, numerous domestic and foreign delegations and guests, in the honour of the Holy Mother Teresa are also expected to attend.

The central event in the “Homeland celebration marking the canonization of Mother Teresa”, which starts tomorrow at 10 am, will also include a speech by President Gjorge Ivanov, confirmed today the Presidents Cabinet.

Pope Francis on September 4, before hundreds of thousands of people and pilgrims in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican declared Mother Teresa a saint.