The Financial Police Department have filed criminal charges with the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office Skopje, against former mayor of the Municipality Center, Vladimir Todorovic, and individuals M.T. a former secretary and D.R., an employee in the Sector for managing state land and environment protection in the Centre Municipality. It is believed that they committed a criminal offense by abusing their official positions, said the Director of the Financial Police Department, Arafat Muaremi.

According to the indictment, they misused the budget of Municipality of Center for the amount of 433,389 euros for construction works related to the construction of the “Oko” pedestrian bridge on the Vardar river, built by the company “Konstruktor Engineering AD Split”.

Due to non-fulfillment of obligations from the contract, missing the deadline, as well as poor performance of the already completed work, in the year 2012 the Municipality of Center terminated the contract with “Konstruktor Engineering AD Split”, which was 119,197.783 denars.

“Reported individuals V.T, M.T. etc. abandoned their duty for supervision, neglected their duties, and used three unpaid bank guarantees, which resulted in damages to the budget of 26,653,424 denars (433,389 euros)”, Muaremi pointed out.

He added that the money was returned into the account of Centre Municipality on 30th of June, but hopes that there will be criminal charges. Muaremi also said that other investigations are underway for “Skopje 2014” and that for some cases they already have cooperation with the SPO.