Todorov: SDSM wants the Diaspora to vote, but without their own MP

The main problem of the working groups of the political parties who are signatories to the Przhino Agreement is SDSM insisting that the Diaspora should not have their own MP in Parliament in Macedonia, said the negotiator from VMRO-DPMNE, the Health Minister Nikola Todorov for “A1On.”

“It is quite problematic especially when you hear their statements and you get the the sense that they are for the Diaspora to vote, but they leave out the part of their statements that they do not want the Diaspora to have their own representatives. This division is not good, especially, when we hear some other arguments from a tax or fiscal aspect which should be taken into account, in particular when the fact of the matter is that the Diaspora participates in the Republic of Macedonia’s GDP with over 18 percent”, said Mr Todorov, expressing hope that the SDSM will be rational over this issue.

Todorov, stated that he still does not know whether the working groups will be meeting tomorrow.