The former Minister of health, Nikola Todorov, who was expelled from VMRO-DPMNE, has met with the EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn at the margins of the summit of the European People’s Party that is taking place in Helsinki.

On his Facebook account, Todorov published photographs from the meeting with Hahn and wrote that they both talked about Macedonia and VMRO-DPMNE’s European perspectives including the threats towards those that think different from the current political leadership.

“From both sides we received strong support for Macedonia’s euro-integrative processes and the need  implementation of reforms necessary for Macedonia’s accession into the EU. The necessity of democratization was stressed by changing the party’s statute with the puropose of allowing VMRО-DPMNE to continue to act as a European, modern right wing party” wrote Todorov.

He also said that Hahn stressed that the threats and the pressures must stop and a clear support was given for the decisive and brave steps that are in the benefit of Macedonia’s accession into the European Union.

At the EPP’s Congress, apart from President Hristijan Mickoski, Vice-president Aleksandar Nikoloski, the Secretary for International Affairs, Vlatko Gjorchev and the advisor for International Affairs, Timcho Mucunski, for the first time a second delegation was invited i.e. the members that VMRO-DPMNE has expelled from its ranks. Among the invited were the former Deputy – General Secretary Petar Bogojeski and the former member of the Executive Committee, Kostadin Bogdanov, the former party’s Vice-president Mitko Janchev and the expelled Nikola Todorov and MP Emilija Aleksandrova.

Janchev and Bogdanov have discarded the invitation while Bogojeski, Todorov and Aleksandrova went to Helsinki.