The leader of SDSM, Zoran Zaev, has been summoned for questioning today at 12:00 pm by the Public Prosecution in connection with the investigation into the misuse of finances in the election campaign, reported the media.

Apart from Zaev, according to information from the media, others from the party will also face questioning.

SDSM confirmed that they had received a summons from the Public Prosecution yesterday. According to the web portal “Nova”, the party confirmed that Zaev will attend the questioning by the prosecution.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime and Corruption yesterday said it has launched two investigations related to electoral irregularities during parliamentary and presidential elections in the country, held in April, 2014 and for the early parliamentary elections held in December last year. Suspects range from, former senior officials of the Ministry of Interior, local government and “high ranking officials from a certain political party”, and were accused of offering bribes to win over voters in two constituencies.