Today, the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office submitted two proposals for indictments to the Basic Court Skopje 1, says the latest progress report by the SPO, which prosecutors will present to the media today after the progress report generated great interest.

The same report by the SPO has to be submitted to Parliament and the Council of Public Prosecutors today.

The report did not say which cases the Prosecution filed proposals for indictments.

As noted in the second report by the SPO, orders have been given to conduct investigations into four cases, against 40 individuals.СЈО извештај 2

The progress report contains the following information about the SPO’s work and documents which they have prepared:

• 901 requests under Article 287 of the Law on Criminal Procedure
• 36 orders under Article 284 of the Law on Criminal Procedure
• 324 records of interviews, of which 264 are with witnesses and 60 are with suspects
• 2 proposals to confiscate items
• 27 requests to report to institutes and legal entities
• 2 requests for legality protection
• 6 appeals for international aid