The Macedonia Turkish Movement Party (THP) has sent a letter to President Gjorge Ivanov and Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov asking that they prevent the appointment of current Deputy Foreign Minister of Kosovo, Gjergj Dedaj, as ambassador to Macedonia.

“The Macedonian Turkish Movement Party, as well as the entire Turkish population in Macedonia, and beyond, with a great deal of disappointment and bitterness, received the news that the new ambassador of Kosovo to Macedonia will be Gjergj Dedaj. Mr Dedaj, while serving as deputy minister to Kosovo repeatedly made scandalous, insulting and completely fascist statements regarding the Turkish people. We categorically believe that a person who has this kind of fascist and primitive mentality should in no case be an ambassador in a country that makes every effort to foster and promote a multi-ethnic society as a huge benefit,” reads the letter.

The party, which is led by Enes Ibrahim, says that by accepting Dedaj as an ambassador “will result negatively on the multiethnic relations in our country and the region, but will also negatively affect our friendship with Turkey.”

Gjergj Dedaj provoked a fierce reaction from the public in Kosovo last month, following a post on his Facebook profile titled “Witches of the Balkans”, in which he said that Turkey and Serbia, through their emissaries, are trying to “return” to Kosovo and demanded “the remnants of these invaders be eradicated from Kosovo and from lands of George Castriot. ”
MPs from Group 6+ and the people’s choice of smaller ethnic communities in the Kosovo Parliament, urged Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj to dismiss Dedaj as Deputy Minister last week over his insulting statements regarding the Republic of Turkey.