Кристијан Тимоние, архивска фотографија (04.10.2019) | Фото: Арбнора Мемети

During today’s press conference, the French Ambassador Christian Thimonier stressed that the geopolitics have surpassed the real expectations and an impression was made that the Prespa Agreement was the only condition for starting the negotiations”.

He also said that he has passed to French authorities in Paris the string emotions and the disappointment that is felt in the country after the EU’s Summit in Brussels.

“Certain countries gave their promises and then they left the other countries to worry. Now they also have to bear responsibility. Actually, the general public was prepared and that was additional pressure for the remaining member countries to have positive opinions. In June last year, the Bundestag wasn’t ready, and there were supposed to be talks about the real condition of the reforms. And then, during the summer somehow the expectations were raised that the decision will be a compensation for the Prespa Agreement, and then the perspectives have changed” said Timonier.

According to the French Ambassador, nothing is over yet, since the summit in Zagreb follows and President Emmanuel Macron has recognized the reforms that were implemented but has stressed that a new methodology is necessary for the enlargement in order for the EU and the member countries to be ready.